I paid all my bills today. Happy October! For a month there, it honestly didn’t seem like I would make it. I had to do so many grown up things to get to this point: I had to cash out my entire life’s savings for  a new apartment in a new city in a country that isn’t home and memorize my address (okay, so first graders can do that, too) and open a bank account and get a Hong Kong Identity Card (which I have now, and it’s great–no more waiting at customs to and from China) and work for a month at a new job in a new city in a country that isn’t home and have a month’s salary directly deposited into the aforementioned bank account and meanwhile ignore the bills that keep coming to the new address I memorized because the last tenant hadn’t paid them but I couldn’t either until the salary from the new job was deposited into the new bank account and then take those bills to an ATM of all places where I transferred money directly into the accounts of the landlord, water company, and electric company.

Hong Kong is so incredibly mechanized I sometimes expect government officials to fold away their skin to reveal gleaming metal skeletons and carry on conversations with me in binary code.

In any case, all this to say: I have survived my first month and a half of being on my own in the biggest way yet. Love to those who helped make that possible.


One response to “Bills

  1. Looks like you’ve left that nebulous world of the emerging adult behind. Congratulations:) You’re amazing – miss you!

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