Guo Bei’s Diary

Guo Bei (her English name is Lena) is the 28-year old woman I just started tutoring last week. It was her idea to keep a log of our lessons together so that I can correct them and talk about them during each succeeding session.

And seriously, this is why I’m here. This is why some days I am breathless with happiness here. That feeling has faded a lot in the past couple months as I’ve struggled with homesickness, but it’s back with a vengeance thanks to, as she wrote in the subject line of the email she sent me, “guobei’s diary”:

Today is Thursdy ,Today is not the sun  .I’m going to “star barker coffe” to study English .This is the first class of mine .My English teacher is a beautifal girl .The hair is golden yellow .Eye is biue . The smile is wery beautiful . She have A apple computer .the computer is white .She is a good teacher .My English is bad ,When i was very nervous start .Her smile makes me relaxed .Time flies.Learned this lesson many everyday language .It’s practical . Looking forward to the arrival nest week .

From the inaccurate physical description to the comical misspelling of “Starbucks” to the honest, tangible excitement of learning… doesn’t get better than this.


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